Reverse Integer

Given a 32-bit signed integer, reverse digits of an integer.

Example 1:

Input: 123
Output: 321
Example 2:

Input: -123
Output: -321
Example 3:

Input: 120
Output: 21
Assume we are dealing with an environment which could only hold integers within the 32-bit signed integer range. For the purpose of this problem, assume that your function returns 0 when the reversed integer overflows.

class Solution:
    def reverse(self, x):
        :type x: int
        :rtype: int
        list_x = []
        if x >0 :
            for str_x in str(x).split():
            r_list_x = list_x[::-1]
            for item in list_x:
                r_str_x =  "".join(item)
                return (int (r_str_x))    

What is wrong with this one:
x = 123,

str(x).split() is still “123”

split is split the spaces…

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